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Course Rules


  • All golfers must register in the clubhouse.

  • All golfers must start on hole #1 unless instructed by clubhouse staff.

  • The golf course does not permit the use of personal alcohol.

  • All golfers must have their own clubs.

  • Maximum of 4 golfers to a group. Please allow faster golfers to play through. A single player has no standing on the course, and a three-ball match must give way to a two-ball match.

  • All individuals operating a power cart on the premises, whether privately owned or rented from the Club, are required to possess a valid Class 5 Driver's License.

  • Be courteous and repair your ball mark plus one other.

  • Replace your divots on tees and fairways and obey all signs on the golf course.

  • Golfers playing 18 holes have the right of way coming off #9.

  • Report all indiscretions to the Marshall or Clubhouse.

  • Proper attire in and around the clubhouse and also proper footwear on course, no bare feet, cowboy boots etc.

  • We reserve the right to check your bag and cart.

  • Absolutely no sunflower seeds and dogs allowed.


Rules on score card

R.C.G.A. rules govern all play except as modified by local rules.


  1. Winter rules apply on the fairway of the hole being played only. Ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length not near the hole. You can not use this rule to place a ball on the putting surface.

  2. Relief or free drop from benches, posts, signs, protective screens, graveled paths, sprinkler controls, and stakes (except out of bounds markers) for swing, stance and line of flight, drop one club length right or left or as far back as necessary on a line from the flag through the obstruction. No penalty. Winter rules apply on the fairway of the hole being played only.

  3. Ground under repair ( GUR ) as indicated by signs.

  4. Out of bounds ( OB ) indicated by white stakes on #1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9. Cart compound, clubhouse, patio and deck (stroke and distance).

  5. Lateral hazards markers indicated by red stakes.

  6. Subject to change, as provided by the Executive.


Yardage Markers:


Blue - 200yds

White - 150yds

Red - 100yds


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